April 2017



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Tender Announcement for Wind Power Renewable Energy Resource Area Project

Tender announcement for 1.000 MW Wind Power Renewable Energy Resource Area (“YEKA”) project has been published in the Official Gazette on April 13, 2017. After the first YEKA tender conducted on March 20, 2017, which was a 1.000 MW solar power project, the second YEKA tender has been launched for a 1.000 MW wind power project.

Tender will be carried out through Dutch auction where ceiling price will be 7 US$ cent/kWh. Successful bidder will be granted a purchase and price guarantee for 15 years which will commence from the signing date of the YEKA Usage Right Agreement.

Potential bidders may see and purchase the tender documents at the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in Ankara. The purchase price of the tender documentation is TRY 20,000.

The deadline for submission of the bids is July 27, 2017. Whilst submitting their applications, bidders will be required to submit a bid bond in an amount of US$ 10 million to the administration.


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