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Wind-III YEKA Projects: Tender Announcement

Tender announcement for 42 new Wind Power Renewable Energy Resource Area (“YEKA”) power plant projects, the so-called mini wind YEKA Projects with a total capacity of 2000 MW (“Projects”) has been published in the Official Gazette on May 29, 2021.

General Information

The Projects will comprise 42 new wind power plants in connection capacities ranging from 20 MW to 90 MW at the specified connection regions. Please refer to the annex hereto for capacities and regions for each Project.

Project Model      

The Projects will be developed through allocation in exchange for Use of Domestic Products (Yerli Malı Kullanım Karşılığı Tahsis Modeli) (“YMKT”) model envisaged under the YEKA Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated October 9, 2016 and numbered 29852. In the YMKT model, the YEKA usage right is assigned in exchange for a commitment to use domestic products within the renewable energy generation facilities. The awarded bidder will obtain the YEKA usage right by committing to use domestically manufactured equipment and accessories.

Procedure and Details

The tender will be conducted through the Dutch auction procedure upon the initial ceiling price of TRY 0,45/kWh for each project. The bidder who submits the lowest price will be awarded with the contest and such price will constitute the guaranteed electricity purchase price. The electricity purchase term for each MW of the connection capacity will commence from the date of the acceptance of the wind power plant and will continue throughout the period of transmission of the first 35 GWh power generated. In other words, differently from mini solar YEKA projects, the electricity purchase guarantee will be applicable for a certain amount power as opposed to a certain period of time.

Only legal persons established as joint stock companies or limited liability companies pursuant to the Turkish Code of Commerce numbered 6102 are entitled to participate in the tender. Purchase price of the Specifications is TRY 2000. Potential bidders may purchase the Specifications by paying the purchase price to the bank account of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources – General Directorate of Central Accountancy.

Next Steps

Potential bidders shall submit their applications by hand to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources – General Directorate of Energy Affairs on October 12, 2021 between 10 a.m. – 2. p.m, with a one-year letter of bank guarantee (bid bond) in the amount of TRY 500.000.

The awarded bidder shall provide a ten-year letter of bank guarantee in the amount of TRY 1 million at latest one day before the signing date of the YEKA Agreement and the bid bond will be returned to the awarded bidder.

The place, date and time of the contests will be published at a later date on the website of the General Directorate of Energy Affairs.


Annex: Connection Regions (Competition Names) and Connection Capacities

No. Connection Regions (Competition Names) Connection Capacities (MWe)
1 Adana 50
2 Adıyaman 40
3 Afyonkarahisar 50
4 Ağrı – Iğdır 20
5 Aksaray – Kırşehir – Nevşehir 70
6 Amasya – Samsun 60
7 Ankara – Kırıkkale – Çankırı 50
8 Antalya 60
9 Ardahan – Kars 20
10 Artvin – Rize – Trabzon 20
11 Bartın – Zonguldak – Karabük 20
12 Batman – Mardin – Diyarbakır – Şanlıurfa 40
13 Bayburt – Gümüşhane – Giresun 40
14 Bilecik – Eskişehir – Kütahya 70
15 Bingöl – Tunceli 30
16 Bitlis – Muş 30
17 Bolu – Düzce – Sakarya 40
18 Burdur – Denizli – Uşak 50
19 Bursa 60
20 Çorum – Kastamonu – Sinop 50
21 Edirne 40
22 Elazığ 40
23 Erzincan 30
24 Erzurum 30
25 Gaziantep – Kilis 40
26 Hatay 40
27 Isparta 50
28 Kahramanmaraş – Osmaniye 70
29 Karaman – Mersin 70
30 Kayseri – Niğde 90
31 Kırklareli 60
32 Kocaeli – Yalova 40
33 Konya 50
34 Malatya 80
35 Manisa 30
36 Ordu 50
37 Siirt – Şırnak – Hakkâri 30
38 Sivas 90
39 Tekirdağ 60
40 Tokat 60
41 Van 30
42 Yozgat 50



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